Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year when the decorations go up, the sale papers swell with bargains, and the stores tell you “Happy Holidays!” WHAT?! What holidays? I only know of one holiday this time of year, Christmas.

We have gotten so misled and brainwashed by the non-believers that we tolerate this kind of action. If employees of a store can’t tell me “Merry Christmas” when I spend hundreds of dollars on what is obviously gifts, then why should I choose to patronize them? We have set back and remained silent about this night for too long. It is now time to rise up and tell the person at the check out and the person behind you in line, “Merry Christmas”.

My wife and I set up and sell at flea markets and festivals around. We say “Merry Christmas” and our neighbors say “Merry Christmas” because WE own our businesses and know that the Public Relations department won’t get a call about our obscene language. If a customer tells us “Happy Holidays”, we are free to Merry Christmas and happy new year ask “what other holiday are you celebrating other than Christmas”. If you’re Jewish or Muslim or atheist or whatever else, why are you even participating in a holiday celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Why do you care if another Christian tells me “Merry Christmas”?

CHRISTians, get off your butts and stand up for what is right. If you are ashamed of Him, He will be ashamed of you when you stand before the Throne of The Father. If we don’t put CHRIST back into CHRISTmas, then no one will.

Chances are that this article will not make it out in time for Christmas, but the point is not lost. We all know the true meaning of Christmas and we should show it and spread it throughout the year. Christmas is a time of joy and laughter, a time of peace and brotherly love, a time of family and friends, and most of all a time of remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I have a t-shirt that I love to wear during the hot summer months that simply says, “Christ is Christmas”. Remember Him during the New Year. Remember Him during the spring, summer, fall, winter, as well as on Christmas.

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