Golf Games – Become a Legend in the Virtual Range

If you’re desperate to have fun at the golf range, but you presently have no means to do so, let PC golf games temporarily satiate your desires and you might find yourself enjoying playing more than you expected to do so!

Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge

While the newest addition to the golfing game series has no fundamental differences with its predecessors, its look and feel will make old players instantly recognize the improvements made on Jack Nicklaus 6.

Features to Look Forward to:

Improved Graphics: The 3D rendition of the game has been thoroughly improved, and you’ll get to enjoy lots of special effects while playing the Golden Bear Challenge.

Choice of Camera Angles: Choose the best camera angle that could help you hit an eagle.

Improved Putting View: Color-coded grids are now used to enable players to make more accurate choices
Player Profile Modification: Add – or remove – points to make use of a player with the best capabilities, Golf Clash Hack or one with skills that are most similar to yours.

If you’re using slightly antiquated PC hardware, you may find the images of Jack Nicklaus 6 slightly flawed. Nevertheless, even if you don’t choose to upgrade your PC hardware, you’ll still find this game greatly enjoyable.

Golf Pro 2: Wentworth Edition

If you’ve been hankering for the chance to play at the famous Wentworth’s West golf course, you can now do so with Golf Pro 2. Everything about the golf course has been carefully studied and surveyed to create the most realistic rendition for the game.

Features to Look Forward to:

Help Mode with Gary Player: Players will be hitting the ball under the thorough supervision of Gary Player. He’ll be the one to give you all the important tips and tricks to improve your play.

Photorealistic Graphics: If you’ve been disappointed time and time again with the quality of graphics of other golfing game, it’s possible that you’ve found the only game to match your high standards in Golf Pro 2.

Sliding Mouse Technique – With this game, you can truly think and feel like your mouse is your golf club; this technique also allows the player to have actual control of the speed of his swing.

The only downside to playing this game is that there’s naturally just one golf course featured.

Actua Golf 2 – Premier

If you want more courses and more player choices from a game, then you’ll probably derive lots of playing pleasure from Actua Golf 2 – Premier. This 3D game allows up to four players compete against each other simultaneously.

Features to Look Forward to:

New Motion Capture Technology – Graphics and movement made outside the course are now smoother and better.

Course Choices – There are 6 stunningly rendered and challenging courses to choose from, including the much acclaimed Kiawah Island Ocean Course.

Actua Technique – This allows players to use the mouse just the way they would a golf club.

The Vegas Courses

This is actually an add-on disk so you’ll need to have the EA Sports PGA Tour or any similar product from the same company installed in your PC before you can play this game. With the Vegas Courses, you’ll have a wildly exciting time playing outside the “safe” courses and onto the desert

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