Thursday, 17 October, 2019

Calculating Your Wedding Favors Budget

At the beginning of your wedding planning you will need to work out your wedding budget. This will list every item you want for your wedding along with an estimated cost, when totaled up they will give you an overall cost for your wedding day. One such item will be your wedding favors, but as you will not yet know how many you need to buy how can you apply a figure to the budget?

What you mustn’t do is simply pluck a figure out of the air and write it in. Chances are it will not be enough to cover everything you will need to purchase for your favors. The best way to come up with a figure for your favors is by working on a per piece basis, then multiplying it by the number of guests you have on your list. Remember you don’t usually give wedding favors to those guests invited only to the evening party.

Wedding favors are not just the favor itself. You will also need to add in the cost of packaging, decorations, thank you tags, shipping and any applicable taxes. Do some research online to gauge an idea of the average wedding on budget cost of wedding favors and all the extras. Write your prices down on an individual basis and ignore any special offers or discounts for the time being. Once you have added these figures together you should have a realistic figure showing the average cost per wedding favor.

If you have a large number of guests on your list then you could use a figure based on a quantity discount and most wedding favor retailers will offer these. If possible look at wholesalers too for even bigger discounts, although you may have to comply with a minimum order spend or quantity to be eligible.

As you work through various retailers, be sure to sign up for any offers or discounts they maybe promoting. Usually all that is required is for you to sign up for a free email newsletter and you will receive a code to use on your first order. There are often promotions on shipping too, such as free shipping should your order exceed a certain amount.

One thing you may notice about online wedding favor stores is that they tend to hold the same stock. The benefit to you is that they will often compete with each other on price and promotions, such as the free shipping. Make sure you note down what each retailer is offering so you can compare them later. It is worth noting that offers and promotions may be time sensitive which is why you should not add them into your favors budget initially.

Above all make sure your wedding favors budget is realistic. By the time you come to order them your entire wedding budget may be looking a little stretched and you may have already had to claw back cash from something else. Chances are your initial budget will be more than you need, as not everyone on your guest list will accept your invitation, but don’t bank on that happening!


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