Applied Bank TM Secured Visa Gold Credit Card

Get your New Credit Now!

Do you feel the need for a card but are afraid your poor credit will prevent you from getting it? If this is the case, you join millions of others with the same problem. Whether you have poor or no credit at all, don’t give up on having a card. The Applied Bank TM Secured Visa Gold Credit Card is the perfect card for those wanting to establish or re-establish their finances. Don’t let poor or no credit at all prevent you from getting the finances you want and deserve. Don’t waste another minute wishing you could have a card. Apply for the Secured Visa Gold Credit Card now.

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What’s Special about the Secured Visa Gold Card

If you’re worried about your low score, that’s another thing you don’t need to deal with as there is no check with the Applied Bank TM. Regardless of how low your score is, if there is no check done, your chances of being approved are excellent. When it comes to secured cards, you’ll find that the Applied Bank TM Secured Visa Gold Card is one of the better cards you’ll find, especially if your goal is to improve and re-establish your score.

Although the maximum credit limit of your Applied Bank TM card is $5,000, the amount you deposit in your card will determine the limit. Unlike other cards that have a high deposit required, the Secured Visa Gold Credit Card only requires you to deposit $200 (although more is welcome at any time) and a $50 annual fee. Because the maximum credit limit is $5,000, that’s the maximum amount you can deposit as well. Since your new card will be FDIC insured, you can always feel comfortable knowing your deposit is safe.

Why Do I Want A Secured Credit?

Consumers unfamiliar with credit don’t always understand the purpose behind secured cards. Individuals with no credit at all often have the same low score as those with poor credit, making them a risk. The result of no or poor credit leads to denials on card applications. Secured cards such as the Secured Visa Gold Card give you an opportunity to get a card and show that you’re credit worthy by making the payments on time. Because the Applied Bank card reports regularly to the credit reporting agencies, you’ll be able to improve your score with this card.

If what you’ve read hasn’t already convinced you to apply for the Secured Visa Gold Card, reading about all the benefits will:

– 9.99% Low Fixed APR
– Interest Rate will Not change even with late payments
– No Income requirements
– No Credit requirements
– $0 Fraud Liability
– You choose your Limit
– Accepted at 27 million locations both off and online

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